Richard Emery
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My name is Richard Emery, and I’m about as local as you can get. I was born in Springfield in 1954 and have lived in Weathersfield all my life. Whatever artistic ability I have apparently came from my mother’s side, especially my grandfather who was a very good woodcarver. I took art classes in high school, but never had any formal painting lessons. Drawing and painting just come natural to me, like breathing. It’s just something I do without really thinking about it.

My father was a logger and after I graduated from Springfield High School in 1972, I went to work with him. He retired about 1980, and in ’83 I started work at Green Mountain Log Homes in Chester. When the big log home boom hit, we got so busy that for a time I did very little painting. Green Mountain closed down in ’92, but I still managed to do work for just about everybody else who had anything to do with log homes. Then I got into building log railings and log furniture. All this means I have about every type of woodworking machine and tool, very handy when it comes to making frames.

In ’97 or ’98 I ended up being the caregiver for my mother until she went into a nursing home in 2005. I did very little painting during this time.
Mom died in 2008 and in 2010 I decided to get back into painting again, using acrylics now.