Andrew Weill
Brilliant with the intensity of molten jewels defines the work of Andrew Weill of Manchester, VT. 
His mouth-blown glass is created at his Manchester studio. 

"I blow glass simply because I love it." Weill started working with glass at 17. "Right from the start I learned a great lesson in humility. Glass is an amazing material; it can be hot and malleable and cold and delicate all at the same time. Needless to say it is a very humbling expereince to watch as your work hits the floor or cracks in the process of being made." 

After receiving a BFA in glass form Franklin Pierce College, Weill entered the world of production glass. In 1998, Weill was offered a job at a small shop in Sweden. "What a feeling to stand in a glass shop whose furnace has been roaring since before America was discovered." Much of Andrew's inspiration comes from Italian and Swedish Techniques. "I enjoy the heavy durability of Swedish glass and the bold colors and striping of Italian glass." Andrew's work incorporates all that he loves; bold colors, beauty and function, in other words, art that is easy to live with. 

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