In addition to our gift shop, Gallery at the VAULT is committed to offering special exhibits free of charge to the community. This is a sampling of exhibits VAULT has featured through the years.
One of the beauties of small town living is the ease with which organizations can help each other out and one such example in Springfield is Gallery at the VAULT helping Springfield Area Hospice with its fundraising of two pieces of art. 
Hospice president  Nancy Sinclair and VAULT director Nina Jamison pose with the two items. 
Thanks to an Okemo Mountain Arts Grant, another  year of photographic experimentation in the art of black and white image making was made available to the students of Park Street School and Springfield High School. The work will be displayed at Gallery at the VAULT on Main Street in Springfield, Vermont. 
Through the Lens
A Student’s Perspective Photography Show will be held at Gallery at the VAULT, 68 Main Street, Springfield. The show features images taken by 14 fourth graders and many high school students.
Photograph by Josselyn Rushton
Springfield's Children: A Celebration of Youth
March 16 - 30 2004
Gallery at the VAULT, Springfield
Funded by the Okemo Arts Grant
The Message - 2002
Invitation - 2004
When the American Egg Board contacted a number of arts organizations in Vermont to invite entries to the egg display at the White House, only Gallery at the VAULT in Springfield responded. “We have only been operating a year and were very pleased to have the opportunity to participate in this nationwide event,”  Nina Jamison says.

Although a contest was not mandated for the selection of Vermont’s contribution to the display, VAULT decided to organize one anyway. Artist Roy Egg (who lives on 1 Egg St. in W. Pawlet and owns the Roy Egg Shop art gallery) was the chosen winner. Each of the 51 (including D.C.) entries must represent a special feature of the state and be painted on a large white chicken egg with the contents removed. The winning artists from each state and two guests are invited to a special tour of the White House and display held in April. The eggs will remain in the White House’s permanent collection.

The theory behind this three part nationally recognized exhibit (quoted from the  Rutland Herald July 6 article by Kim Dedum  Cracking the Silence ”that once art captures imagination it can spark ingenuity." Patryc Wiggins is a millers daughter from Dorr, N.H. Learning to weave from earlier generations she has turned that expertise into a communication skill.  Wiggens believes that the same genius that built the precision machine tool dynasty can design a new economy here and now.
These exhibits will both honor and give voice to the American worker who has lost so much.
Celebrating the Work of Nine Vermont Fiber Artists
Student Show 2007
Springfield Then and Now

Gallery at the VAULT graced the cover of The Message with two separate exhibits. Springfield Then and Now, the work of Springfield students in their annual show and the sculpture of John Brickles can been seen on the cover.
Pilgrimage: Looking at Ground Zero features Kevin Bubriski’s poignant photos of some of the  thousands of people who made the trek to Ground Zero in the weeks following the attack on 9-11. A grant from Vermont Arts Council/National Endowment for the Arts and funding from Springfield Hospital allowed Gallery at the VAULT to present this exhibit free to the public.

In a related collaboration with Springfield High School, Bubriski will present a lecture and slideshow to students.
Special Exhibits
VAULT is designated a VT State Craft Center