Patty Sgrecci

Leaves fluttering in the breeze, 
laundry billowing on a line, 
the spiraling descent of a maple seed: 
all are inspiration for my kinetic art. 
I use mobiles to examine the mystery of movement. Each piece is a study in cause and effect, 
tension and release; 
Light, air and gravity are the forces that inform my sculptures. 
Light filtering through translucent rice papers, 
films and screen highlight form and texture.
A gust of wind sets the choreography in motion 
with positive and negative spaces interchanging. 
The delicate balance of the components 
allows me to sculpt space and time creating drama in the process. 
With reed, wire and wood I can draw in space
creating a lyrical, linear quality. 
My goal is to create sculpture that echoes the gestures of nature 
in an interactive dance.
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