Truddi Greene

Artist Statement - Quilting is a blissful journey, and every destination reached catapults me onto a new road with endless miles left to travel.

Quilting has become my passion, taking inspriration from the saturated colors I've seen in my tavels through Mexico, Central American and Italy.

My fascination with sewing began at nine years old and hasn't let up since I got my first Singer featherweight machine in 1964. I'm from a mid-western family who were makers of useful, practical things: from dresses to donutes, pickles to pies, everything was made at home by nonchalantly expert hands. Kansas quilt makers were common, but my grandfather distinguished himself by sewing and gifting 36 quilts as a retired farmer. I was allowed to use my favorite antique quilts on overnight stays with my grandma and eventually inherited two of those beauties.
The idea of making a quilt was always a dormant seed in my mind while raising four children and working as a teacher. The satisfaction of completing my first quilt in 2002 as a 20th anniversary gift to my husband was a major turning point for me; after a lifetime of stitching clothes, my focus turned to color theory and traditional quilt design.

My first quilts were safe projects with batik fabrics and tradtitional patterns, but I got over that in a hurry when I discovered a fabric designer named Kaffe Fassett. (Kaffe Fassett is one of the most influential living textile artists and the best selling author of knitting, mosaic and patchwork title. Kaffe perceives all his work in the same way - as the opportunity to play with colors and patterns). His bold, huge prints in wild and sassy colors led me to a new way of thinking about my work, and I'm immersed now in seeing what I can come up with, experimenting with new techniques and designing some of my own quilts. I'm transforming a family tradition as I experiment with international fabrics and reach for new unique images in my small Chester, Vermont studio.

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