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I come from an engineering background with all of its inflexibility and predefinition. Conversely, photography is often fleeting and very much undefined. I try to capture the image as it happens, the instant framed from my perspective for all to see and interpret. I try to use the environment as an element of the image, allowing it to enhance and sometimes be the image. I then try to draw the viewer into the image as I was drawn in when I first saw it. An attempt is made to keep the entire image in sharp focus and not let any of it escape the viewers notice.
I am a pilot and use my flying skills and camera together when doing contract aerial photography.

All of my photos are typically from Vermont and in particular the Black River basin area.
I have a large selection of New York street photography and have spent many hours walking the streets and avenues of New York stalking that illusive 'perfect image'. I have a large darkroom here in Springfield, which will hopefully yield some of my better black and white works.
Since digital photography as a medium is now gaining acceptance, I have assembled a fairly large up to date digital studio as well. I am currently a student at the New York Institute of Photography and should finish my studies in June of 2006. However, I have been carrying a camera off and on since Vietnam in 1969. Most of that photography has escaped my grasp over the years including a very extensive portfolio with negatives that was lost in the late eighties.
I also consult from time to time for any company that needs a UNIX systems engineer since that is what my most recent endeavors are tied to. I have an extensive background in biomedical device engineering and have a number of patents in that field. 
I have worked for a number of the larger pharmaceutical companies in this country including Pfizer and Bayer as well as some of the premier aerospace companies. Most recently I consulted to Sikorsky Aircraft company on the Comanche helicopter project.

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