Danforth Pewter
Fred and Judi Danforth have revived a family tradition of pewtersmithing started by Fred's great great great great great grandfather. Well known Connecticut pewtersmith Thomas Danforth II, pioneered the craft of pewtermaking in the United States between 1755 and 1782.

Among Thomas' six pewtering sons, the older ones apprenticed with their father and the younger ones to their older brothers. His daughter Sarah mothered and grandmothered pewtersmiths. Each specialized in several forms of holloware, such as plates, mugs, bowls, candlesticks, communion flagons, or teapots. They were industrious and inventive and enjoyed much demand for their work, as pewter was the American tableware of choice until the rise of imported chinaware in the mid-nineteenth century.

Fred and Judi founded Danforth Pewterers and began designing their holloware line in Woodstock, Vermont in 1975. They moved to Lincoln, Vermont in 1978 and for ten years developed their pewter line in their mountain workshop. In 1988 the company moved to its current workshop in Middlebury, Vermont where Fred now designs and creates the holloware line while Judi focuses her energy on designs for the cast line. The Danforth name enjoys a unique recognition among both antique and contemporary pewter collectors.

Thomas Danforth II was among the finest Revolutionary era pewtersmiths in New England. Since Fred and Judi revived the craft of pewtermaking in 1975, they have drawn inspiration from Fred's early pewtersmith ancestors to create a fine contemporary collection of Danforth pewter designs. Their line reflects the historical tradition for quality and craftsmanship

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